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Mirabilandia - or in other words Wonderland - is in Savio di Ravenna, close to the pine forest of Classe. The amusement park, which is located in a former reclaimed quarry, extends over an area of 850,000 m² around three small lakes and includes a theme park with attractions, a water park and car parking areas. It is possible to see Mirabilandia from the SS 16 Adriatica state road thanks to its huge and imposing Ferris wheel.
A keen interest in local flora and fauna has given life to our mascots - Mike, a mallard that represents one of the species of migratory birds that live here and Otto, representing the young hares that make their home in the park.

Theme Areas:

- Dolce Vita Studios (Italy in the sixties)
- Motorworld (former-Italian Graffiti)
- Old Europe (former-Mira and Billy Park with old merry-go-rounds)
- Adventureland (former-Land of the Magic Stone, where adventure and lush greenery reign)
- Bimbopoli (children’s area)


iSpeed: the brand new rollercoaster ride (2009)
In Formula 1 style, with high-speed accelerations and sudden changes in direction.
Columbia & Discovery
Two, 65-metre high towers stand side by side, one with a lift running from the bottom up (“Columbia” tower) and the other with a lift running from the top down (“Discovery” tower).
The brightest Ferris wheel in the world with a total of 50,000 light bulbs on a diameter of 90 metres.
Travel on barges that climb for 27 metres before dropping rapidly, creating huge waves of water.
Wind your way extremely quickly and at a considerable height along an itinerary that faithfully reproduces the Maya civilization.
After covering a long stretch undercover inside capsules passengers can strike brightly-lit targets with laser guns fitted to each vehicle, in a setting that represents the end of humanity with the ruins of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and other famous buildings in New York City.
A very fast electric train runs over rocky stretches of track and through tunnels.
Cadillac-shaped canoes make their way through a fun car wash, tunnels and areas with men at work, until they reach two steep descents - 6 and 15 metres high respectively - squirting water at everyone.
Rio Bravo
Navigate the river rapids on board rubber dinghies.
Blu River
Small rubber dinghies cover two undulated slides that have differing slopes.
Hot-air balloons
The hot-air balloons on the ride turn around very quickly, lifting slowly and tilting often.
The capsules go up and down, spinning round and tilting, raised up by huge skeletal hands; passengers can control the lifting up thanks to a lever on board each capsule.
Bewitched pots
12 gigantic pots spin around quickly and in opposite directions.
Mirabilandia Express
An elevated monorail covers the entire original perimeter of Mirabilandia.
A small but fun rollercoaster with wooden carriages that begin by climbing steeply before turning around tight bends and ending with a steep descent and a jamming on of the brakes.
The Kissing Carousel made famous in the fifties: the ride whirls around as passengers are covered by a red cloth before slowing down and repeating everything in the opposite direction.
Family Adventure
A rollercoaster for all ages; variable speeds and tilting before the ride finally slams on the brakes.
Mirabilandia 24-hour race
Inspired by the “Le Mans 24-hour race” these small electric cars can even be driven by the passengers thanks to an accelerator.
A monorail shaped like a dinosaur egg takes passengers through a maze of prehistoric statues.
Leprotto Express
A rollercoaster for our youngest visitors.
Ghostville - Escape from ghost town
An itinerary in the dark that makes its way amid abandoned churches, cemeteries and mines with real actors in period costume with the sole aim of scaring visitors.
A water itinerary that makes its way amid the ruins of Moai statutes and the erupting Raratonga volcano. Along the entire itinerary there are targets that can be struck with the water cannons each boat is equipped with.
An area specially designed for our youngest visitors.
In Bimbopoli, the children’s city, it is possible to swim and jump around in hundreds of coloured balls, run about and have fun in the enormous inflatable toys where entry is strictly forbidden for all adults.
Children can climb, play together and explore to their heart’s delight.
Santa Fè Express
The children’s train travels through a wood and amid various farm animals.
Breakfast for Ducks
"Breakfast for Ducks” is the children’s version of “Bewitched Pots”.
An artistic merry-go-round where all the horses and carriages are hand-painted.
The Mad House
It lifts up to a height of six metres and at the same time spins around on itself, talking to visitors and commenting on the ride.
Flying Arthur
Dedicated to our mascot Arthur (Arturo) with gondolas that lift just a few metres from the ground.
Friendly Whale
6 small boats run vertically up the sides of a 15-metre tower to reach the whale.
Mini Rapids
The itinerary is covered on board logs that, after a steep climb, end in a fun final “wave”.

The main shows are:

Police Academy: inspired by the American film of the same name with a new attraction called "Stuntman Wanted" that permits a maximum of two people to appear in the show and “experience” the thrill of being a stuntman.

Laser Night Show (only during evening opening hours): great music, a light show, water, laser beams, artificial fog, fireworks and “dancing fountains”.
Italian Baywatch an acrobatic diving show.
Cinema 4D 3D cinema with the addition of jets of compressed air, squirts of water, sudden flashes of lightning and vibrating seats.
Musicals inspired by famous films and operas.

Water Park - "Mirabilandia Beach”

Around the two artificial lagoons there are sun beds and umbrellas, facilities and restaurants. The main attractions include:

- El Castillo: that recalls traditional wooden castles adored by children with bridges, stairways and slides with waterslides and huge   waterfalls.
- Vuelta Vertigo: a U-shaped, 10-metre high ramp covered on a two-seater rubber dinghy.
- Rio Diablo: a 170-metre long waterslide covered on a two-seater dinghy where, in places, we even try to push you uphill.
- Rio Angel: a slow river.
- Laguna del Sol
- Caribbean Jump: a tubular waterslide.
- Tropical Jump: a tubular waterslide.

The park is open every day from 9th April to 14th September from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. It is open on the weekends of 19th/20th and 26th/27th September and 3rd/4th and 10th/11th October 2009.
From 27th June to 30th August and on the weekend of 5th/6th September the park is open from 10.00 am to 11.00 pm.
Mirabilandia Beach is open on 31st May, 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th June and 5th and 6th September and every day from 13th June to 30th August from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm.

How to get here:
By coach and car:
Take the A14 motorway and exit at Cesena Nord. Continue on the E45 road towards Ravenna and exit at Mirabilandia.
By train:
The nearest train station is Lido di Classe/ Lido di Savio.
From the station take the shuttle bus directly to the entrance to Mirabilandia Park.
By plane:
The nearest airports to Mirabilandia are:
Federico Fellini Airport, Rimini

Web Site: http://www.riminiairport.com/
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Miramare - 47831 - Rimini
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Via Triumvirato 84
40132, Bologna
Tel +39-051-6479615
Ridolfi Airport, Forlì

Web Site: http://www.forliairport.com/
Via Seganti 103
47100 – Forlì
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